Play Real Money Scratch Card Games for Beginners and Professional Gamblers

Play real money scratch card games for fun time and winning

Scratch cards are the basis of instant lotteries in which the winner is determined incredibly quickly, namely at the moment when the protective layer is scraped off the lottery ticket and the combination becomes visible. The instant lottery algorithm was developed on a computer in the 1970s, and ten years later real money scratch card games were already patented in various countries on slot machines. Today, the popularity of scratch cards and instant lotteries is steadily growing and surpasses all other forms of lotteries.

Advantages of scratch card games for real money

One of the many advantages is scratch card games for real money, where user choose the size of the bet and can get deposit bonus. There is no fixed price, as on paper scratch cards bought at a local store or lottery kiosk. Player can play the online version of this game whenever he wants and he doesn’t have to go to the store to get a ticket. In addition, if to win in online scratch cards for money, the winning will be received immediately, and user will not need to go anywhere for it. Playing them online user can be sure that all scratch card games are from leading providers using the Random Number Generator, managed by independent game commissions, ensuring fair gambling.

Playing scratch card games in mobile version

Playing scratch card games 4 real money android apps is certainly convenient – favorite gambling is always at hand, and access to the casino is provided almost everywhere where there is coverage of a mobile operator. Manufacturers of software for online gambling do everything possible so that the user can play with greater comfort:

  • Adapt games applications to any hardware platforms of mobile devices and all operating systems.
  • Provide support for all possible modern gadgets – demonstration of graphics in high resolution formats, position processing and multiple touch on touchscreens, etc.
  • Guarantee a high level of security for mobile device software and the safety of user data, take all measures to combat possible privacy violations and fraud.

The most popular scratch card slots

Now, when you know all the basic information needed, let`s take a look at some of the mast popular “scratchies” slots :

  • Blackjack Scratchcard is a combination of blackjack and scratch cards. This is blackjack at the gaming table, where the player is dealt two cards three times, while the dealer receives two cards only once. Each time cards are dealt, both sides receive one card face up and the other face down. After that, the player reveals the cards, erasing the protective layer. If the player defeats the dealer, he will win up to £ 10,000.
  • Gladiator Scratch was based on the legendary film about the plight of a Roman general who became a slave. In this scratch card games for real money, the user will be able to win if any of the seven symbols matches on his 3×3 card in one column or row (Coliseum x1, Juba x2, Antonius Proximo x4, Senator Gracchus x10, Lucilla x20, villain Commodus x100 and Gladiator’s helmet x5,000). Restore justice in the empire and win the main prize.
  • Pink Panther slot machine is based on the plot of the film of the same name. In the game, players will try on the role of real detectives and, together with Inspector Clouseau, solve a dangerous case of murder and theft of jewelry. Pink Panther has five reels and forty paylines. Since the rules of the game are quite simple, therefore, user will not have any problems in the process of entertainment.