Online Keno: strategies, rules and big winnings

Online Keno – a virtual game for fun

Keno is a popular lottery all over the world. There are dozens of variations of this game in which a player needs to guess a few numbers from a number series. Winning depends on the amount of guessed numbers. Online Keno in a casino for real money is an opportunity to spend time not only with pleasure, but also to benefit from it.

How to play online Keno: key features

You do not need special knowledge and skills to play Keno online, just master the rules and get acquainted with the principle of the game. Playing Keno online for real money is easy. A virtual playing field is similar to a similar regular real lottery ticket, also marked out for 80 numbers. It is necessary to mark a certain number of numbers and confirm your choice in the casino program by clicking on the appropriate button. After that, the computer will automatically calculate and show the winning numbers, and if there are matches, you will be credited a certain amount according to the payment table.

When playing Keno online, you can make the following types of bets:

  • direct ticket, in which it is allowed to mark up to 15 any numbers on one card and draw a lottery;
  • separate tickets; in this option it is necessary to place bets on at least 2 different groups of numbers in one card;
  • ticket with several combinations. With this type of bet, several digital combinations are combined in one direct ticket card;
  • travel tickets in online Keno;
  • royal tickets.

Strategies used in Keno

There are some of the most important secrets for winning Keno:

  1. Kriegman system.
  2. Play in online casinos.
  3. Use different methods and knowledge.

The mathematician Alan Kriegman decided to change the independent course of the popular game and make his own adjustments based on a lengthy study. This principle is as follows: focusing on the number of selected numbers, you can determine the probability of victory. If in more detail, then betting on 1 number, the payout of guessing is 25%. When choosing two numbers, the percentage of guessing the first is 38% of both and 6 percent of one with two. A bet on 3 numbers provides 43% of guessing one and 14 percent of two, with 1.5% of one. Thus, according to Kriegman’s logic, as numbers increase, the probability of guessing a specific number increases in online casino Keno games.

This system, of course, does not promise a complete win and does not lead to victory with every game. But nevertheless, by calculating the probability of specific numbers falling out and placing bets on them, the player gets the opportunity to theoretically circumvent the online Keno game system.

Exciting real money Keno game

In an online casino, keno is usually much more profitable for a player than in a real casino. Since the process is controlled by a computer, it is possible to set a payout at the level of 85-90%, which means that a player, on average, receives 85-90 cents for every dollar put. That’s just due to quick draws, this difference becomes almost imperceptible. Playing online is more than 20 times faster than in a real casino.

If you are looking for the perfect gamble to relax, then consider that you have already found it! Online Keno is ideal to pass the time and have fun, as well as find yourself among the winners. This game is one of the most beloved among players around the world, because it does not include any special strategies and complex systems.