How to Play Live Dealer Roulette to Gain a Profit

Live Dealer Roulette – Tips & Strategies

Like many live casino games, Roulette features a live dealer that controls the betting process in the game in real time. Playing this version of Roulette, you will watch the gameplay thanks to the cameras transmitting high-quality video signal through an Internet connection.

You will see how the wheel rotates on which the ball moves, so the random number generator is not used to determine the results of game rounds. Live dealer Roulette online brings you as close as possible to a traditional gaming environment, giving you an unforgettable gaming experience.

Layout of The Roulette Table

Why roulette is such a balanced game – the secret in numbers on the wheel. Here is what you need to know about a roulette wheel:

  • Regardless of the type of wheel, red and black should always alternate.
  • The European roulette wheel is best balanced by alternating low and high numbers. An exception is the wheel of the American version of the game where you can see several high numbers coming one after another.
  • There is a balance between odd and even numbers. You will not see more than two identical even or odd numbers following each other.
  • Inside and outside bets are showed clearly.
  • You can see a slightly different structure of the French Roulette wheel, however, all versions offer approximately the same theoretical return ratio.

Keep in mind that the wheel of the American version of live dealer Roulette includes a double zero, which is its key difference from other versions of live casino games.

Variety of Bets

When playing live dealer casino roulette, you must understand the principle of how to place bets in the game. You are offered various variations of bets that can bring big wins and give high chances to be successful. Here are the main bet types in live dealer Roulette:

  • Inside bets. These include those that you make on numbers on the wheel – Straight, Split, Six Line and 4 more types of bets.
  • Outside bets. You will place such bets outside the number field. They include five types – Dozens, Columns, Even or Odd and others.
  • Special betting combinations called ‘announced bets’ which are associated with French roulette in the first place, however can be used in other versions of the game.

How to Play Like a Pro – Live Dealer Roulette Strategies

When it comes to choosing a bet type, you must adopt a specific game strategy to increase your chances of winning. Here are two classic strategies that have proven themselves well in practice:

  • Martingale strategy which is considered one of the riskiest when used unreasonably. We recommend choosing even-money outside bets. Double your bet for every loss and expect for a win – this is the whole point of this strategy. Since outside bets give a high chance of winning, you minimize your risks. However, 1:1 payout to such bets are applied.
  • Fibonacci strategy which is also used for even-money outside bets. The amount of each subsequent bet is equal to the sum of the previous two. Your initial bet amount should be kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of loss.

Live Dealer Roulette Cheats

You have probably heard about cases of fraud in real gambling establishments when the ball was replaced or magnets was used. In addition, there is a myth that you can notice the slope of the wheel and use this to increase the chances of winning some bets. However, such cheats are illegal, therefore they are not recommended to put into practice. In addition, playing live dealer roulette, you are unlikely to notice the wheel slope.

Therefore, when we talk about roulette cheats, we mean various strategies among which Martingale and Fibonacci are the most promising. They are not prohibited by the house, since they do not guarantee 100% success, and give at least equal chances to win both for a player and a casino.