Live dealer casino Holdem short guide for players

Live dealer casino Holdem rules and tips for players

There are lots of poker variations you can find on the US gambling websites. One of them is live dealer casino Holdem. This is a more than popular card game which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of poker without visiting casino or poker room. You’ll play with live dealer using your PC or mobile device.

Live dealer casino Holdem basics

Your main goal in the game is to beat the dealer. Initially you have to place a wager, which is called “Ante Bet”. Then you and the dealer will get 2 hole cards and 3 community cards will be placed on the table face up. At this point, it’s time to make a decision whether to call or to fold. If you’ve decided to play further, choose “Call”. It’ll require to bet twice more than ante wager (to raise). Otherwise, choose fold. When a gambler calls, 2 more community cards are dealt. You’ll win if your best 5 card combination beats the dealer.

Each combination has its own value. Here are the payouts for ante wager:

  • Royal Flush – x100;
  • Straight Flush – x20;
  • Four of a Kind – x10;
  • Full House – x3;
  • Flush – x2;
  • Straight or lower – x1.

As for raise bet in casino Live dealer Holdem, everything is a bit more complicated, cause Holdem poker has special rules for it. It’s not enough only to have a better hand to win your competitor. Dealer should also qualify, which means to obtain a hand with a pair of fourth or higher. You’ll get 1 to 1 reward only if the dealer qualifies. In other case you’ll receive your wager back.

Side bets in live dealer casino Holdem

At the beginning of the game you can make not only ante, but also side bets. They’re often called AA Bonus. These bets make live dealer casino Holdem challenge even more interesting, cause the wins here depend only on your combinations, but not on the outcome of the round. Your hand cards and first 3 community cards are counted here.

AA Bonus gives you an opportunity to win really big money. The lowest prize is x7, and it is granted for a pair of Aces or Straight. The highest reward will be delivered by Royall Flush. This combination’s value is x100 to your wager.

Where to play and how to win?

There are lots of websites that offer the game to gamblers. Still, it’s crucial to find a trustworthy one that will also have lucrative bonuses for players. One of such casino sites with live dealer casino Holdem from Microgaming company is Golden Nugget. It also offers lots of other engaging games, including live dealer casino Ultimate Texas Holdem.

Now let’s find out how to increase your chances to win. Here are some tips:

  1. Use special software to calculate probabilities on every stage. It won’t help you when playing live, but it’ll reveal lots of useful patterns.
  2. Call whenever you have a pair, Ace, King or one card missing to Straight or Flush.
  3. Fold if the live dealer casino Holdem hand doesn’t promise any decent combination.
  4. Use side bets to get rewards, no matter how the round ends.

Even though the house edge in the game is 2.5% and it increases to almost 6.3% for side bets, there is a good chance of winning big money if you play wisely. The main idea is to get the feeling when it’s time to risk and when to fold.