Play Live Dealer Blackjack Without Leaving Your Living Room

How to Play Live Dealer Blackjack

Many online gambling establishments have a live casino section that includes various live dealer games. Playing card games with a professional croupier is more interesting and profitable, since you have more opportunities to control the game process. If you want to play a promising card game, you can go live dealer blackjack section on the casino website.

The game process is provided by several cameras transmitting high-quality real time video signal. Playing online blackjack (live dealer), you will get an unforgettable experience that includes the benefits of playing at real gambling establishment.

Placing Bets at Live Blackjack – How to Play?

To start playing live dealer blackjack (USA), follow these simple steps:

  • Find a good online casino that includes a live dealer blackjack.
  • Register on the site and make a deposit. Some casinos do not accept bonus money for bets in live dealer games.
  • Choose the most promising version of the game and start betting.

Live version of the game offers you the following advantages:

  • You will see all the actions of the dealer due to high-quality video broadcasting.
  • The croupier quickly receives all the necessary commands.
  • You can play with multiple players and communicate via live chat in real time.

How to Reduce Edge of the House – Promising Strategies

The blackjack house advantage is lower than in many other casino games, so a live dealer blackjack may be your best choice. This is something around 0.5% – which less than in poker – when you use the basic strategy of the game. By betting in the amount of $ 100 you risk 50 cents only. However, this only works for long gaming sessions.

When we talk about the basic strategy, we mean the ability to make the right decisions in any game situations – hitting, splitting, doubling, standing and so on. Wanting to be a blackjack guy and not a blackjack boy, you must learn the basic strategy A-Z.

Some Tips on Playing Live Dealer Blackjack

Keep in mind the following points to reduce advantage of the house:

  • A casino using a large number of card decks has the greatest advantage.
  • The house edge also depends on the ability of the dealer hits the soft 17.
  • Choose the version of the game in which you are allowed to do a double after splitting.
  • Having the opportunity to double on any cards, you reduce the casino advantage by 0.2%.
  • Choose a live dealer blackjack with the best surrender rules, such as early surrender.
  • Do not play 6/5 blackjack to deprive the house of up to 1.5% advantage.
  • Many casinos increase their advantage by charging ante.

Live Dealer Blackjack with Card Counting

Having mastered the basic strategy, you can proceed to counting cards, which will increase your advantage by 1%. Counting cards means being able to notice the number of high and low cards remaining in the deck.

You can increase your bet, if the number of high cards in the deck prevails. We recommend that you study the Hi Lo system to get started.

Software Providers

The best live dealer casinos are powered by the following providers:

  • NeEnt is the best live casino software provider.
  • Evolution Gaming offers the best gaming experience optimized for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Microgaming is a quality software manufacturer that offer the best functionality and user interface. Many popular casinos are powered by Microgaming.
  • Playtech is one of the best live casino games provider. You will be able to choose several versions of live dealer blackjack with lowest house edge.